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Clan Rules

Things you should consider before joining... Please read it carefully

The SLaYeR Community consists of a diverse group of players from around the world. All of us benefit from this interaction with one another. All of us should remember the "Golden Rule" by treating one another with respect and consideration. Anyone observing or subject to negative interactions with other members should be forwarded to the appropriate clanleader. Any and all threats against the SLaYeR network or servers, including attempts to hack, crash, or flood a server, actual or implied, are instant grounds for removal and can result in legal action. The use of hacks or macros, by any SLaYeR, will immediately result in being kicked out from the clan and banned in our server.Come on, this is the SLaYeR clan you're messing with! Be smart.

Derogatory language or slander involving race, gender, sexual preference, religion or creed, including negative use of harmless slangs will not be tolerated. Harassing other players is not permitted within any SLaYeR communication channel. A little healthy competitive trash-talking is tolerable; however excessive comments directed at specific players/members will not be tolerated.

Impersonation of leaders of the SLaYeR staff, Admins, Dev team members, or other fraudulent use of tag of identification is immediate grounds for removal. This includes close spellings intended to deceive other users.

Our clan leaders are SLaYeR_Yaris and SLaYeR_Raider, our seconds in command are SLaYeR_DQ, SLaYeR_Bully and SLaYeR_Quasar and our thirds in command are SLaYeR_STaLKe-R and SLaYeR_Mikeshep. Their commands are non negotiable and should be noticed and followed up at all time, no discussion possible!

Recruitment: For someone to join SLaYeR clan, all of the Generals, Colonels and Captains have to vote and the vote must be unanimous. If it isn’t, the candidate won’t join the clan. No point in asking favor from one or other of the admins (regardless of his rank)…

Server Rules

No type of bug, glitches or macros are allowed. Using it will result first in a warning and then a ban from the server and/or kick from the clan.

Folow up orders/instructions given by first , second or third rank SLaYeRs. They should be carried out and if not, you will be moved to spectators or the other team.

Sniper is allowed for everyone. However, since it is our server, first or second rank SLaYeRs have priority as well other SLaYeRs after. If any of us asks you for it, relinquish it or you will be moved to spectators or the other team.

Using any type of hacks will result in a immediate ban. We have a zero tolerance policy about that.

Players with a ping superior to 150, will be asked to fix it. If you don't fix it or reply, within the current round, you will be kicked since it impacts everyone on the server. Only exception to this rule are for SLaYeRs.

Only english is allowed, either for voice chat as well text chat. You will be warned one time and if it continues, you will be kicked.

Do not spam the global voice chat. Doing it so, will result in one warning and after you will be kicked.

We make place for members and our friends without any warning. You will be moved to spectator. You can then wait a bit, since there is always someone leaving or you can find another server.

Camping is only allowed when defending, not on attack.

We do not allow spectators when there is a space open on a team. Staying or moving back to spec, after beeing moved by an admin, will result in beeing kicked.

TK, flash's on purpose or any kind of lack in respect towards any SLaYeR or other players (not by a first or second rank SLaYeR), will result in a warning or being kicked. If repeated, you will be banned.

Yes, you may not agree or like some or all of our server rules, but this is our home and we pay for it, so this is it. If you dont like or agree with it, feel free to find another server ;)